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Belturbet Railway and Vintage Restoration Association

Belturbet Railway and Vintage Restoration Association

Belturbet Railway and Vintage Restoration Association was formed in 2010 when a small group of like-minded enthusiasts decided to pursue their objectives by creating a sub-group of Belturbet Community Development Association.

BRAVRA members,Cavan & Leitrim narrow gauge Shawlie

These objectives, pursued on a voluntary basis by weekly meeting and restoration work activities, were to add to the restoration work already achieved at Belturbet Railway Station and to restore existing railway rolling stock and general vintage machinery/equipment with a view to displaying the restored items.

Cavan & Leitrim narrow gauge railway

Activities include assisting with Open Days and Group Visits at the Belturbet Railway Station site which it is hoped will become part of a larger network of railway heritage sites with a view to developing a railway heritage tour trail. Successful fundraising activities have allowed the group undertake the restoration work and it is hoped that heritage funding will be available in the future. The group has visited other museums and sites of heritage interest and has maintained contact with local press.

Cavan & Leitrim Railway narrow gauge Shawlie

A unique type of Cavan & Leitrim Narrow Gauge Railway (1887 – 1959) dual purpose covered goods van known as a ‘Shawlie’ wagon, which could be converted for transporting either general goods or cattle as desired, was recovered in a dilapidated condition and is currently being restored by the group at the Belturbet Railway Station.

An Arigna Coal Mine Hutch has been acquired to add to the collection of existing railway stock, on account of the fact that Arigna coal was for many years transhipped at Belturbet Railway Station for forwarding to other destinations via the GNR (I) railway.

The existing standard gauge GNR (I) rolling stock located at Belturbet Railway Station and which the group hopes to restore in the future includes;

A 17 Ton ‘Ruston and Hornsby Diesel Locomotive’ (ex Irish Sugar Company)

A ‘Double-bogie Chassis’ for a former 62 ft. passenger coach

A 30 Ton all-steel ‘Brake Van’

A ‘Director’s Coach’ (circa 1885).

George Morrisseyand Lesser spotted Ulster TV


Anybody interested in the group’s activities is welcome to make email contact with Belturbet Community Development Association by email .

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Belturbet Railway and Vintage Restoration Association