Belturbet Library Chess Club

Belturbet Library Chess Club is up and running and very popular with all. Come and join us on Thursdays between 6.00-7.00 for a game and test your chess skills!!!! Chess Boards available in the library

Heritage Week in Belturbet Library

Heritage Week in Belturbet Library
Artefacts found during recent excavations will be on display during opening hours in Belturbet Library. A launch of information boards and a talk by Micheál Ó Droma of Wolfhound Archaeology will take place in the Civic Centre.
Belturbet’s rich heritage begins in the pre-historic period but the modern town was founded in the Plantation of Ulster. Excavations during the renovation of the town hall for the new Belturbet Library, on the Belturbet By-pass and in the town itself have revealed fascinating new insights into its past. From early 17th century market houses, the Georgian era prison to the military barracks and its two artillery forts, Belturbet town has a rich story to tell. These artefacts have never been displayed before and will give people a unique opportunity to discover the history of Belturbet. The launch of the information boards and the talk by Archaeologist Micheál Ó Droma of Wolfhound Archaeology will provide an interesting finale to this event.

Venue: Belturbet Library & Civic Centre
Dates for Displays: 22nd August, 25th August, 28th August and 29th August
Date for Talk: 28th August in the Civic Centre Time: 7.00 pm
Belturbet Library Opening Hours:
Tuesday 10.00-1.00-2.00-5.30
Thursday 1.45-5.00-6.00-8.30
Saturday 10.00-1.00-2.00-5.30
Contact: 0499522683 or Belturbet Library on Facebook